Class Information

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Stepperz (2-4 Yr Olds)

Classes are specially designed to allow toddlers to learn about rhythms and beats within music through the use of movement, musical instruments and other exciting props. 

Our carefully choreographed dance sessions allow your child to explore different body movements. They can shake, bop and twist to known nursery rhymes and pop music.

Your child will begin to learn key skills to support their developmental growth such as, strength, co-ordination and balance.

We use familiar songs so that every child can join in with singing as well as adding actions to words.

We slowly introduce new sounds and music into our classes so your child can explore new beats and tempos through clapping, stomping and getting their groove on. 

Every child is naturally attuned to sound so let's develop that and have some fun.

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Stamperz (3-5 Yr Olds)

Within our Stamperz sessions your child will learn about moving to the beat within the music. We use children’s own knowledge of body parts to ‘’point toes, wiggle fingers, roll heads and shimmy shoulders’’ giving all children the opportunity to participate and have lots of fun.

They will build on key skills such as- co-ordination, flexibility, balance and memory to piece together short routines to music.

We will begin to introduce your child to movements and sequences of different dance styles, still using a wide variety of music and props.

As your child's confidence grows their love for music and dance will reach new limits.

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Stomperz (5+ Yr Olds)

Your child will have the freedom to be energetic and active in our highly stimulating classes. They will learn to follow simple instructions and will now start to copy and repeat an instructor’s actions. 

Our choreography is designed to challenge children’s mental and physical ability and strengthen their independence as well as their social skills.

The music used in these sessions will vary, however we tend to use the latest "trendy tunes" that the children are into with a few of our own favourites. 

Your child will build confidence through stepping, stamping and stomping

These sessions are jam packed with fun and energy.

Every child will be encouraged beyond belief to get their groove on and strut their stuff.